A webinar is a live interactive event, lecture, presentation, or workshop hosted online via video conferencing software. Webinar training is performed, to share new ideas, knowledge, and updates with people from all around the globe.

Webinars allow two-way communication, that is, between the presenters and the attendees. A webinar training is done, so that the information can be shared easily, freely, and in real-time. Depending on the number of attendees, webinar training can be rich in learning and highly collaborative for everyone involved. 

Hosting an online event is so much more different than hosting a physical event. It saves many things, as, your attendee’s time, renting a venue, and of course the catering part. Especially during this time when everyone is avoiding traveling from one place to another, chances are less that they will travel from their station to your venue to attend that one-hour webinar training.

Purpose of webinar

Showcase your new products

When it comes to bringing your new products or services to market, it becomes a bit hectic for the consumers to attend a conference whenever you launch a new product. However, on the other hand, asking them to give you their little time online to present your latest brand new product is much flexible.

New feature webinars or product webinars give you a chance to bring all your leads on the same page. You not only educate them about your latest product or technology but also provide answers to their questions.

Having a brief discussion with your registrants and resolving all their queries in one shot assures them that they can trust you with that.

Position yourself as their mentor

Believe me or not, but when people get themselves enrolled by providing you personal details to listen to you, they expect something from you. They expect some valuable knowledge and information from you, and giving them what they are looking for from you is your responsibility as a leader.

Even if you are not taking any registration charges from them, they are still giving you their time from their busy schedules because they think the information you are delivering is worth it and unique. 

Engage your audience

Engaging your audience in the webinar is a significant factor. By doing so, you’ll not only grab their interest, but you can also make them believe that they can trust you. Live webinars promise a value above all other marketing strategies, and that is a unique one.

You can also record your webinar and post it later but, it will not allow your viewers to ask you questions because webinars are intended to be live and engaging.

New lead generation

Leads are crucial if you want your business to run smoothly and effectively. Now you might be thinking that how you can generate high-quality leads. The answer to your question is quite simple. People who are making efforts to fill up your registration form are letting you know that they are interested in whatsoever you have to say. From here, you know the ones who stayed are high-quality leads, and you’ve got to keep them till the end.

What features can a webinar offer?

Features are important aspects if you want to host an easy webinar. As a host, it is your responsibility to choose an easy webinar tool that is smooth and easily accessible. Having all webinar icons gives your viewers a chance to engage more in the activity.

Below is a list of features or webinar icons that almost every tool provides to run an easy webinar.

Text chat

This webinar icon allows the participants to raise questions and be a part of the webinar. Sometimes it becomes difficult to know their engagement in the event however, this webinar icon makes it easy to analyze.


However, webinars run live so that any query from the other side can be resolve at that very moment, but sometimes the attendee wants to hear you out till the end, but somehow he’s not able to do so. This webinar icon is for those who missed out on some points or were not able to join.

Screen Sharing

Now, this is again an important feature that comes in handy while using a webinar tool. Viewers can exactly see what exactly you are performing on your screen and follow according when needed. Sharing a pre-made video or presentation is no longer in tradition, and honestly, it’s not attractive. Sharing a screen is a way to let your audience know what exactly you are doing.

Polls & Survey

When it comes to a large-scale audience, it becomes a bit chaotic when it comes to letting them answer any question.

Providing polls during the session allows you to give options for your audience to choose in an organized way, and turns out to be an easy webinar for you to run.

Challenges during a webinar

Technical issue

Technical issues are universal across industries, and people around the globe. While organizing a webinar, a technical issue is the biggest challenge one can face. From operating software to an internet connection, things will fall apart in no time.


Every problem has a solution. So here, what you have to do is, before making your webinar live, you should run a few tests. As in, making sure that the environment is favorable, the internet connection is good, the position of the camera, lighting, and sound check.

Check your webinar tools, whether they are processing smoothly or not.


A webinar is not a webinar if you don’t have an ample amount of audience to hear out what’s there for them to listen to. Promoting at the wrong time and the wrong audience will not help in generating quality leads.


If you want your webinar to be a way to generate quality leads, then it’s important to do the right promotion at the right time and with the right audience. No matter what topic you are preparing, start promoting it on all your social media accounts. Start the promotion about four to five weeks before.


So here, as we discussed that how a webinar can help you in your business growth. How important it is to perform webinar training to keep in touch with your previous leads and generate new leads. If you know how to conduct a webinar, you know how to lure in high-quality leads. A webinar is one of the easiest and most effective approaches to promote your products and services to the market.

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